I HAD TO FUNNEST TIME EVER! OWO!!! THANK YOU ALL FOR COMING TO MY STREAM! i had a super blast! qwq Thank you FOFO, Shayna, Phui, Moop, Roya, Amy, Tina(Snuffen), The Good Wario, AlienDeathHammer, Cptn Sylver, Soundwavespark, BadCop/GoodCop! I hope i managed to name everyone! D: If not please let me know and i’ll put your name in ;;

THANK YOU GUYS FOR JOINING ME IN MY STREAM! QWQ i cannot wait for the next meeting qwq

Character©They’re respective owners
art and stuff©moi :U

The Lego Movie Kermit the frog Good Cop Bad Cop PhuiJL Snuffen Lake Lubin wawa art fanart Conrad Achenleck Sasha Nien Psychonauts HINABN The Muppets Benny our kitties in cones AlienDeathHammer's character Pikachu awesome that took me a while lookit that list D:

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    Wasn’t there long, but SO MUCH FUN. You guys rock!